Monday, June 13, 2011

Letters and Nature

During these past few weeks, I've been busy making jewelry for the Artists' Market, searching for places to live in South Miami, and searching for jobs! My dear boyfriend and I are moving at the beginning of August, and these obligations leave me little time to blog! I did, however, stumble upon these beautiful rock magnets as I was busy being distracted at work today. I am extremely excited to decorate our new home and make it warm, natural, and welcoming. It's always great to get inspiration from other artists who make the most beautiful accents from nature. These are perfect if you have children, or if you're into leaving your housemate/significant other messages on the fridge! What an easy DIY craft! We live on lake superior and I always gather lake stones to make macrame necklaces, so I'm sure I have enough laying around in my back room to create these!

Rock Magnets

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Shine On- cheap and easy DIY Lights!

I've been addicted to DIY lights for some time now. Perfect lighting sets the ambiance and mood of a room, and what's better than creating beautiful lighting from recycled material? My idea of a perfect space is one that has dim lighting--even when I am studying or crafting, I enjoy the lights to be dim because I don't like feeling like I am an in some kind of interrogation room at a cop shop. As you've seen with the DIY lace lamp previously posted, it's possible to create your own light for not even a quarter of the cost that you would spend at stores such as Ikea, Pier One, World Market, or any home goods store.

I really enjoy these glowing outdoor orb lights because they're very ethereal and quaint, yet simple and unassuming. To create these beauties, you need a string of white christmas lights (or whichever color you prefer) and opaque glass shades, which can be found at any thrift store or home goods store. For a high end look that costs next to nothing, these lights should shine on in any garden!

For this project, all you in are: 

Another set of lights that are very inexpensive and easy to make are egg carton flower lights from Esprit Caban. You can paint them any color and string them along your ceiling, behind your favorite chair, or above your bed for a relaxing glow!

This DIY recycled wine bottle light from Wit and Whistle is very creative and gives a feeling of nostalgia to winos alike! I think it is the perfect addition to a dimly lit kitchen. It brings back happy memories of the many cafes in Paris.

As an avid origami fan, I try to incorporate origami into my home decor whenever I see an opportunity! These box lights will make a great addition to any home! Use your imagination and add color and designs to these adorable string lights! All you need are lights and paper!

Candles are a good way to set a romantic mood. Candle chandeliers are an even better way to create a romantic mood without having to spend a lot of money. You can frost them with spray paint or leave them clear--place them on your patio or inside for a warm, festive setting!

I am in love with this eco friendly and eco chic chandelier from Ecologue.  This easy DIY can set the mood at a wedding or in the home!

These cupcake lights are an adorable and festive addition to a party or a child's room!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer Craft to do List!

Unfortunately, this will be my last summer in Michigan. Summertime here is like heaven. Bonfires and festivals and camping and a thawed out lake superior are all that everyone looks forward to in the miserable dead of winter. It's going to be an incredible few weeks.

I've really enjoyed the time spent here, and I made so many amazing friends and I've learned so much from each and every one of them. While the small village hippie town has tempted me to stay for a short while longer, it's time for this college graduated lady bird to fly someplace with more opportunity (and warmth and palm trees). The job search is very fun, and we're contemplating San Francisco or Miami--I guess the final decision will be based on where I get hired!

This summer will be devoted to making money, saving money, organizing my portfolio/resumes and crafting with my friends. I'm having so much fun imagining what my new apartment will be like and how I am going to decorate it. There is so much inspiration online and from all of you that it is hard to find the time to create all of these ideas! While I don't want to travel across the country with too much crap, I am definitely going to be getting rid of the old and creating/refurbishing the new. I'm going to drastically minimize my wardrobe (*sobs*) and get rid of my random junk that fed my pack rat tendencies.

Meanwhile, I've comprised a list of things that I'm going to make this summer to take with me to my new home. :)

1. Paper Posy Pomander Ball 
Alice W. 

2. Lace ball lights (I looooooove lace)

3. Tin can punch light. These would be great for an outdoor patio setting or indoors to evoke a dim, relaxing setting.

3. Light Bulb Terrarium!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

DIY Bird's Nest Pendants and Rings!

 One day, I was playing around with some silver wire and accidentally made a bird's nest pendant. I'd seen them in magazines and websites before and was always quite fond of them, so I was pretty elated when I discovered how effortless it is to make them. I think they are beautiful, simple, unique, and a perfect homage to spring and summer! I made one for my mom and roommate, and was asked by several friends to design some for them as well! As usual, I was happy to do so! I made a bird's nest wire wrap ring (which went to my mother) using glass pearls. I really admire the rings that have the speckled blue stones, similar to robins' eggs. I will have to make a trip to the local bead store sometime this week and make some with those!
Later in the week, I will post a DIY picture tutorial on how to make bird's nest rings and pendants.

 Here are some below from the web!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Animal Purses!

Recently, (well, no not recently...more like since I was a kitten) there has been this craze with animal purses--and rightfully so! When I was a little girl, I had a lion backpack inspired by one of the lion cubs from The Lion King. It hung dutifully down my back and held my books and pencils and such, but I remember the fur got really filthy so we had to throw it away.

That was the last animal purse I had for awhile. When I was a freshman in college, I stumbled upon a leather owl purse on a random blog one day, and I immediately fell in love with it! I feverishly searched the web for hours looking for a site that sold it (the blog I found it on was a street style blog and the writer hadn't mentioned where it was from) but to no avail. I told my mother and friends about it, warning them "if you see it, buy it, and there will be a reward in your future!"
Well, it wasn't until a year later that my mom bought me the leather owl purse. She sent it to me and it arrived one afternoon when I was at my friend's house. My boyfriend at the time called me and said "your stupid bag is here"  (he never really liked my bag, as he thought it was childish, so good riddance) and I remember dropping everything and running out of my friend's house like a nut job. I got home and there it was, already opened and placed on my bed. It was beautiful and smelled like fresh leather. I immediately wanted another one JUST IN CASE something were to happen to my purse (fiendish, yeah?) but it still remains in perfect condition, minus some fading of the eyes (which can and WILL be fixed).

So it's my plan to get another owl bag this summer (just in case, you know?) and, might I add, this will be our fourth summer together. There are also many other types of animal bags that I've been eying lately, and there are so many unique styles out there that it's hard to choose just one!

Orwell Clutch



Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Silhouettes Inspiration!

 As the day of my big move comes closer, I find myself constantly going through a catalogue of apartment decor ideas in my head. I'm starting to become a little obsessed with silhouettes. They're so simple, yet they can really add a lot of personality to a room! They're very easy to make, so you can add this on your list of stylish DIY projects. There's something about silhouettes that's so sexy, classic, and bold. The simplicity is what makes a framed silhouette image stand out! After you're done creating your silhouette, frame it (bring out those thrift store frames!) and hang a bunch up on the walls! These also make perfect hand made gifts, and there are endless themes that you can create. I personally like the colored backgrounds, too!

The Cranes are flying.

If you're looking for simple and frugal crafts to add character to your living room, or perhaps even low cost decorations for an envent, consider paper cranes!

Throughout history, birds have always been held in high regard and have been been assigned meanings derived from folklore and mythology. In Greek Mythology, the crane was considered to be the bird of Apollo, and in Japanese culture, it is considered "the bird of happiness." In Japanese culture, the crane is the most majestic of all of the birds, and it is commonplace to give the bride and the groom 1,000 paper cranes during wedding festivities to bring them good luck and happiness for many years. It is also said that 1,000 paper cranes makes one's wish come true.

Paper cranes are unique and can add an ethereal aura to any household. I have many hanging up in my house. All you have to do is put a string through the body of the crane and add whatever beads you'd like to personalize it! You can use any kind of paper, and craft stores also sell specialized origami paper that is very inexpensive. They make amazing gifts, as well (actually, this past winter was miserably cold and I would sit for hours in my apartment and make beaded cranes for family and friends! I think I made over 50) and can be made into any size.  Cranes are a frugal option for a wedding theme, baby shower, nursery, and throughout the house! Paper cranes are unisex (my boyfriend has several hanging up in his room, as do my housemates downstairs) and they're perfect "thinking of you" gifts. Their rich history and timeless beauty emit a positive energy that builds a strong aura in any setting!

Here is a youtube tutorial for making origami cranes. When I complete the folding process, I put a coat of mod podge on the crane to weatherproof it. You can also get an acrylic sealant from your local craft store if you want to hang them at a window or outside!